Court Case I: ALT vs. SAI (3/9/13)

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Court Case I: ALT vs. SAI (3/9/13) Empty Court Case I: ALT vs. SAI (3/9/13)

Post by Mr.Breed (Royal) on Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:40 am

Case Details:

Case Name: ALT vs. SAI
Type of case: Civil (Represented by a criminal case lawyer)
SALO Represented: ALT
Lawyers: Mr.Carmichael (SALO), Mr.Johnson (SAI)
Plantiff: [ALT]GlokESp{PO}
Defendent: Deputy.Henry (SAI)
Court Summary: An ALT member was unfairly put into SAI jail by the defendant, in which they wanted 500k for unfair arrest

Outcome: SALO WON! Award: 500k for the Plantiff
SALO record: Won-Loss -- 1-0

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