Court Case VI: *O|AkyZ vs. O|Jasko|M

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Court Case VI: *O|AkyZ vs. O|Jasko|M Empty Court Case VI: *O|AkyZ vs. O|Jasko|M

Post by Mr.Breed (Royal) on Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:47 pm

Case Name: Case 7 - *O|AkyZ vs. O|Jasko|M
Type of case: Criminal (Represented by a LiT)
SALO Represented: Both Clients
Lawyers: Mr. McGuinness(*O|AkyZ) and Mr.Gambino (O|Jasko|M)
Judge: Judge.Breed|SALO
Plantiff: *O|AkyZ
Defendent: O|Jasko|M
Court Summary: Mr.AkyZ claimed an abuse charge from Mr.Jasko, as he was robbed, abused and hurt while he was sleeping in due to him owing Mr.Jasko some amount of money.
Outcome: Considering this was a case represented by two SALO Lawyers, it will be concluded in a Draw, yet Mr.Jasko won and nothing was awarded to either side
SALO record: Won-Loss-Draw -- 5-1-1!!!

Court Case VI: *O|AkyZ vs. O|Jasko|M 3fiMYbd
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