Court Case III: WestSaide vs. O|Hidden

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Court Case III: WestSaide vs. O|Hidden Empty Court Case III: WestSaide vs. O|Hidden

Post by Mr.Carmichael (Axe) on Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:03 am

Case Name: WestSaide vs. O|Hidden
Type of case: Criminal (Represented by a lawyer in training)
SALO Represented: O|Hidden
Lawyers: WestSaide (Representing self) and Mr.Mundo|SALO-LiT (O|Hidden)
Judge: Judge.Breed|SALO (Royal)
Plantiff: WestSaide
Defendent: O|Hidden
Court Summary: WestSaide claimed that Mr.Hidden made false claims about him being sexually
Outcome: SALO WON! Award: 3 million for Mr.Hidden to pay for medical bills and emotional damage
SALO record: Won-Loss -- 3-0!!!

Proud to announce that this was the first case of Mr.Mundo, who has now been promoted to a full time SALO Member! Congratulations!
Mr.Carmichael (Axe)
Mr.Carmichael (Axe)

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