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Court Case Format Empty Court Case Format

Post by Mr.Breed (Royal) on Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:32 am

Hello, to keep an update list of the court cases we've done as SALO, i'd like it to be posted in the General Announcements (This section) So all may see!

If you do a Court Case, post it on this forum, with pictures, so i can update it on the topic and the webpage.

This is the format:

Case Name:
Type of case: (Criminal or Civilian, which type of lawyer represented it)
SALO Represented:
Lawyers: (From both sides)
Plaintiff: (Who you represented)
Court Summary: (One sentence on what the case was about)

Outcome: (1 sentence summary of the final verdict)
SALO record: Won-Loss:

Pictures of CC ___ (In a spoiler, please)

Thanks Wink
Mr.Breed (Royal)
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