Court Case VI: Mr.McGuinness(Chemical) vs. Mr.Doris(Smack)

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Court Case VI: Mr.McGuinness(Chemical) vs. Mr.Doris(Smack)

Post by Mr.Carmichael (Axe) on Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:10 am

Case Name: Mr. McGuinness vs. Mr.Doris
Type of case: Civil ( Represented by the CEO )
SALO Represented: Mr. Doris
Lawyers: Mr. Guinness (Mr. McGuinness) and Mr.Breed (Mr. Doris)
Judge: Judge.Mundo (From SALO)
Plantiff: Mr. McGuinness
Defendent: Mr. Doris
Court Summary: Mr. Doris made a claim of Workman's Comp after an on-the-job incident inflicted on him, at the worksite of Mr.McGuinness
Outcome: SALO Won!! 100k was awarded to Mr.Doris to pay for all his medical bills!
SALO record: Won-Loss -- 5-1 ( Makes 5 SALO Court Cases won for the people! )
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