Court Case V: [HS]PurpKush vs. Staff Jason

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Court Case V: [HS]PurpKush vs. Staff Jason Empty Court Case V: [HS]PurpKush vs. Staff Jason

Post by Mr.Carmichael (Axe) on Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:08 am

Case Name: [HS]PurpKush vs. Staff Jason
Type of case: Criminal ( Represented by the HoCi, then the CEO -.- )
SALO Represented: [HS]PurpKush
Lawyers: Mr.Breed ([HS]PurpKush) and Staff.Jason (Staff.Jason)
Judge: Judge.Carmichael (From SALO)
Plantiff: [HS]PurpKush
Defendent: Staff.Jason
Court Summary: Purp accused Jason of inflicting water damage to his car, and causing an accident. The plantiff wanted a repair for his car and award money, while the defendant request 20k for the plantiff's abuse during the case.

Outcome: After a long fought (and painful) case, The money was awarded to Staff.Jason. PurpKush was not pleased.
SALO record: Won-Loss -- 4-1
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